How to Spot a Drone at Night? Explained by Dronespeep

Drones are everywhere nowadays and if you don’t know how to spot a drone at night, your privacy might be compromised. Today we will discuss some certain ways to help you spot one.

Today we see drones almost every day, whether for entertainment or filming, commercial or recreational. As amazing as these drones are, a lot of people struggle to spot drones at night out of fear of surveillance! There are various reasons why you need to remain informed, from government conspiracies to someone recording you without permission.

Given the light and colors you can see from the plane, it’s easy to spot drones all day long. Yet as night arrives, drones from the dark sky are almost invisible, and hard to detect. Read on!

So How to Spot a Drone at Night?

How to spot a drone at night

So, what do the drones look like even at night? Unless you have heard of locals claiming to have seen UFOs before then they are most likely drones operated by the military and federal agencies. These drones really DO look similar to UFOs in the dark when you look at the photographs.

The only difference between before and now is that people are conscious that what they are really seeing is drones. You can see they have lights hovering or in one location, moving around according to the choice of the controller. If they are closer to the ground, there may also be whirling noises that indicate the activity of the drone.

But what does a drone look like flying through the night? Compared to the daytime it looks the same, but a little hard to detect. Again, there are lights that show that a drone is flying around an area and you can distinguish its looks immediately by its lighting and sound.

There is an App to Spot Drones

For drones being used to carry, entertainment or hobby, and other applications such as mapping, detecting crimes, or testing infrastructure such as bridges, we will very soon be living in a world where the skies above our heads are as busy as our highways. Like cars have license plates that let us identify who they belong to, possessing the same kind of identification information is crucial for drones — especially when they fly over denser populated areas.

It’s not so simple to answer how exactly you do this. Physical license plates found to be easy to spot on a car work. This is not always true of aircraft. Alternatively, the AirMap company recently partnered up with Google Wing and to create an app that could solve the problem. It does so by showing a map of all the drones (or, for now, all the drones that have opted in) that fly in certain airspace — including details about who they are flying by, and even their intent.

AirMap and Alphabet’s Wing have developed a mobile application that acts as a public platform for a limited purpose in which a non-operator, like a person concerned, sees a drone in the sky and needs more detail about who owns the drone and what it does.

The device visualizes all drones within a radius of one mile. AirMap, Wing, and conducted a test flight in a demonstration last month which showed how the technology works. What makes all of this possible is an open-source and scalable API developed by Google’s parent company Alphabet, known as the InterUSS platform.

This API links multiple drone platforms operating in the same region to allow for information sharing. It is easy to incorporate into applications. Not only could the findings be useful for people in their region seeking knowledge about UAVs, but it could also let drone operators know who’s flying nearby. We hope that this article about how to Spot a Drone at Night would be helpful for you.

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